Tuesday, September 15, 2009

back again

Ah, what a week it's been. Ethan came home from school with 102 degree fever last Friday and was sick all weekend. We went to the doctor Monday afternoon where we were informed that it was only a virus and should be just about done. Lovely. While I am very glad that my son is nearly better, it cost me $21.60 to be told what I pretty much already guessed.

Sunday night he felt well enough to soak in the tub. I got him set up with music in the background, toys, and a spa bubble maker, then I crossed the hallway to straighten my scrapbook area. Within a few minutes I heard, "Mom, look!" And this is what I saw:
Chloe in the tub with Ethan! I don't know which one was having more fun!
I've been having some great creative bouts lately. Last night I made a card for a contest. I'm not usually a card maker, so I felt that I needed to do something a little unusual with it. . . so I made it out of burlap! Then this morning, I cranked out a one page layout for another contest. Whoo, I love being productive!
This weekend, I'm heading out for a girls' weekend with some old friends of mine from nursing school. We're headed to San Marcos for the Creating Keepsakes Convention and for a little sight seeing. Looking so forward to it!