Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh, boy. My kids are something else. They spent the afternoon out back making mud pies, digging holes, and chasing Chloe. They even made a "fort" out of random things they collected from the yard- a soccer goal, lawn chairs, large rocks, a football practice net. . . . It seems that their idea of a fort is my idea of a mess!

I was talking to Phil yesterday while I made lunch. I happened to glance out the window and had to stop my story to holler, "Sam, make Chloe stop licking the lawn mower!" Then I went back to finish my story. Phil laughed and said that sounded like a line from a sitcom. Funny, but that's how it goes around here! I find myself saying things that I never thought I'd say:
"Chloe, stop eating the fireplace!"
"Who put a stick in the windmill?"
"Who hung a dirty sock on the wall?"
"Chloe, stop eating the table!"
"Why is the pepper outside?"

Yesterday, the boys and I decided to walk over to my mom's house which is three blocks away. I filled a basket with games and jackets and hooked Chloe up to her leash. Sugar, my tiny toy poodle, never really walks on a walk, so she rode in my basket. We took off. Ethan got to hold the leash first. Chloe decided she'd rather run than walk. Ethan was fine with that. Then when it was Sam's turn to take her, he only made it half a block before he tripped and dropped the leash. Of course, Chloe took advantage of the opportunity. She took off with Ethan trying to chase her down. Sam started crying more from being afraid of getting in trouble than from being in pain. I think we looked like a mini circus coming down the road! There was a lady out checking her mail, and she just watched us with a smile on her face until we passed.

These are the days! And I wouldn't trade them for anything!


Heidi M said...

Ah!!! Life with a Labrador Retriever! They are the best dogs ever, if you can just get them through the first 3 years. Your story took me back to when our Yellow Lab was a pup! Miss you.

Hugs, Heidi

cstoler said...

Amen honey. I just love the fact you appreciate it and share it with us. See ya tonight.

Colleen said...

Thanks for the class yesterday. Looking forward to the idea. We have a lot in common.