Thursday, April 2, 2009

twilight and stuff

Okay, so I've started reading the Twilight series on a friend's recommendation. And, oh my word, these books are fantastic! I started reading the first book on a Sunday evening. 498 pages and three days later, I was done- and hooked!
I'm now a third of the way through the third book. I have been finding all sorts of spare time to read, like when I dry my hair or while I wait for dinner to boil . . .

Yesterday while I was waiting for the boys to get out of school, I got to the last two pages of book two before the fellas hopped in the backseat. We went through all the stories from the day as we drove home, as usual. Then, we ran some errands. I really wanted to finish those last two pages. So, I told Sam to let me know when the light turned green. We did this for several lights in a row, and I finished!

Then Sam pointed out that there were some cars waiting at a green light instead of moving. Ethan piped up and said, "Maybe they have somebody in there reading a Twilight book and there's nobody to tell them the light changed!" (That boy sure can call 'em!)

Phil has changed from third shift (11p-7a) to second shift (3p-11p). We think this shift may allow him more quality time with the family. So, tonight the boys and I drove out to the plant to bring him dinner. He loved the tacos and salsa, and I think he enjoyed our loud company. Sure, he had to tell Ethan to stop hanging so far out the window, then had to tell him to get out from behind Sam and go sit in his own seat. Certainly, he wouldn't be able to find this kind of company in the breakroom!

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