Tuesday, January 19, 2010

odds and ends

Well, everybody seemed to enjoy the album the other night. It's really quite an easy concept. One layout per month- with as few or as many photos as you'd like. The cover is simply a clipboard cut in half. The interior pages are large index cards alternating with 6x9 envelopes. Embellishments include a swirl painted on with a foam stamp and a couple of strips of pattern paper.

I've got a couple more classes in the works- a Valentine's themed one and a memory/ vintage-y one.

Tonight, I finally used a Christmas gift that I received- a body exfoliating scrub. My skin feels fantastic and smells so good, and somehow I think my skin looks like a lighter color!

I got a pair of those new walking shoes by Sketchers. I wore them around the house tonight- my feet are sore, but I think that's more from wearing shoes for 14 hours today and being on my feet most of that time. Anyway, I'm going to wear the new shoes to work tomorrow. I'm anxious to put them to the test.

Here's a blog I've started following lately. I love this lady's work. Actually, it's where I got the idea to use a clipboard as a scrapbook cover. http://mollyirwin.typepad.com/

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