Monday, May 3, 2010

feeling creative

Today marks the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week. The boys took their teachers a decorated clipboard.

Last week, I prepared enough gifts for the teachers to get one a day this week. It was so nice to be crafty again! I've challenged myself to try to do one creative thing a day. I worked today, so I guess my creative thing for today will be this blog post:)

I signed up to take a class from Elizabeth Kartchner today! It's not til August. The projects are sooo cute! I'm anxious to learn from this amazing lady.

The boys and I stopped at Walmart today and as we were checking out, I told the boys they could get a soda to share. I stressed that if they fought over it, it would be my soda. On the way to the car, Ethan told me that he needed a Sharpie marker to mark it half way, so he would know when Sam was done. I explained to him that since they were both drinking out of it , that wasn't very fair. . . somehow his idea of sharing is not the same as mine.

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