Thursday, October 7, 2010

Easy scrapbook

(the cover)

I was asked to make a honeymoon scrapbook for a young couple at church. So I went to Big Lots and bought this pack of envelopes and some embellishments, then went to Michaels and got a few pieces of matching pattern paper. I took 2 envelopes, folded them in half, cut 2 pieces of pattern paper to size, folded them in half and placed them in between the envelopes. I punched holes in the binding and bound it all with ribbon. Then I went through with paper scraps and love themed stickers to decorate the pages. Voila! A cute scrapbook ready for photos!

interior pages

pocket page
I placed 2 pieces of chipboard in the first envelope before sealing it, so the cover would be sturdy.
This is a fun scrapbook to make- very easy, and you can use items you already have to create it!

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