Friday, January 25, 2013

On My Craft Table Now

     Today I'm showing you a project that I've been working on - actually off and on for awhile now. It's a baby girl themed scrapbook. I started this several months ago, then I unintentionally set it aside. Just this week I brought it out again and pretty much finished it up. Here's how it turned out. . .

I used an old book for the cover. This was a Reader's Digest book that I got for a dime. Kinda cute and girly, huh?
For the title, I used a fabric rosette, a shipping tag, letter stickers, and a pair of brackets.
Here are the interior pages. It was nice to work with girly pink papers and embellishments- I don't get to do that often!
Brace yourselves- this post is very photo heavy. If you don't want to see every page in this mini album, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the post. :)

On the right is one of two envelopes that I added so there's room for mementos.

The page on the right is out of an old parenting book.

Almost all the embellishments are attached with staples on the edge of the page so photos can be slipped underneath them.

I tried to add lots of places for journaling.

The page on the right is from an old storybook.

Can you ever go wrong with wood grain paper?

This is a vintage Bingo card. (One of my favorite things!)

The page on the right is from an old child development book. Love the graphics!

The tag on the top of the right page came out of a pack of new scrapbook embellishments that I got at a thrift store!

The page on the right is from an old reading textbook.

The page on the right is actually an envelope that I covered with a vintage pattern.

Just open the flap and you'll find lots of space to tuck do dads.

Here's the back cover. I used a strip of a reproduction Sears ad for dolls on the inside of both the covers. Back here I placed a vellum envelope.

     All the old books, ledger paper, Bingo card, vintage pattern, and one pack of embelllishments, I got at either a thrift store or yard sale. If you are a fellow scrapbooker, don't turn your nose up at secondhand shopping. . . look at the kinds of things you can find to incorporate into your projects!

     I've given these type of scrapbooks as gifts before. I love making them. I just hope that it's easy enough for the recipient to use. My intentions are that all she has to do is add photos and bits of journaling. I always bind these books with office rings so that extra memorabilia can be added or pages can be rearranged.

     What do you think? Would you be excited about this as a gift or would you feel overwhelmed? Please leave me a comment- I'd really like to know your thoughts.

     Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart;
I will tell of all Your marvelous works.
Psalm 9:1

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Jeanette said...

This is amazing! I would have adored this as a gift when by DD was born, but since she will be 26 in another week, I guess I'll have to wait on a granddaughter or grandniece! I love it and you have made it so easy to just add photos and journaling. Just gorgeous!

Patty said...

I love these kinds of books - SMASH books. I have made some and love making them. I bought the binding machine (Cinch) and it works great. Your book is really beautiful and I can't imagine anyone not loving it!

Wendy said...

What a gorgeous keepsake! Well done! :)