Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick and easy project

Instructions for a quick and easy mini album featuring a trip:
1. Gather various pamphlets, business cards, and a gift bag while on your trip.
2. Cut the bottom flap off the bag, then cut straight up both short sides of the sack. Glue the flaps down (this reinforces the strength of the cut bag). These two halves of the paper bag will be your front and back cover.

3. Place the pamphlets and other items in random order. These will be the pages of the scrapbook. Because every page is different, they won't all be the same size.(I also used 2 partial sheets of pattern paper.)
4. Bind the album. (I used simple office rings- 5 of them to ensure all the business cards and pamphlets would stay securely in the book.)
5. Add photos and journaling. (My journaling consisted mainly of a list of what we did each day with little comments about some of the photos.)
6. Add your title.
Voila! A simple, yet very cute way to showcase photos from your trip!

This album is from my girls' trip. A couple friends from nursing school and I try to take a trip together every year. This year, we went to Fredericksburg. We had a great time! And now in just a couple of hours' time, I have a darling memento of our adventure.

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