Friday, May 18, 2012

Fabric Covered Cork Boards and a Quilt Display

     Hi Guys! I've got a quick and easy project today. I took the four 12"x12" cork boards that I showed you yesterday, bought some fabric at Hobby Lobby and put the two together.

First I laid the cork square onto the fabric and cut the fabric so that there was enough to fold over to the back.

Then I folded the edges over like a present and glued the flaps down with a glue gun. I used four different fabrics for the four cork tiles.

Voila! Four functional cork boards that add a little color to the room. I made these to match my sister's bedroom.

     On another note, today a good friend gave me a quilt that she made. I don't know where it will permanently go, but for right now, I draped it over the top of one of the old doors in my livingroom. I think it looks like it belongs there!



I Heart Nap Time


Kerstie said...

I like the fabric covered cork boards..... much nicer than plain. Cool quilt too!

gail wilson said...

I like the fabrics you chose to cover the cork boards!