Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Handmade Holiday Gift Idea DIY

This is the time of year that you may need to come up with gift ideas to give your girlfriends
or co-workers. I have quite a few co-workers and I always want to give them something cute, but because I have so many, my gift has to be inexpensive.
Today I've got a unique idea that you can make rather inexpensively in bulk.

It's a fabric rosette bracelet.
Think about it, you can the roll the fabric rosettes while you're watching tv.
That's the most time consuming part of this project.

To make one, you need:
four fabric rosettes about 1 3/4" across
8 1/2" length narrow ribbon (mine is about 1/4")
bracelet clasp
something circular to use as a template to cut circles from the felt (like a quarter)
glue gun

Tie each end of the clasp at the ends of the ribbon.

Now flip the rosettes so the wrong sides are facing up.
Apply hot glue along a strip in the middle and adhere the ribbon.
Make sure the clasps are hanging off either end.

Use your circle guide to cut four circles out of your felt.
(The felt should coordinate with your fabric.)
My circle is about 1 1/4" across.
Now glue a felt circle to the back of each rosette. This will reinforce the ribbon and give it a nicer, more professional look than leaving the ribbon showing.
See how it clasps at the back?
I used two coordinating fabrics for mine.

See how easily you can make this?

I would be so excited to get something like this as a gift. :)

What do you think? Would you wear something like this?

Come back next Wednesday for another easy handmade gift idea.
Thanks for stopping by and God bless.
I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Psalm 139:14
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