Monday, December 30, 2013

Keep All Those Christmas Cards You Got This Year!

I just love getting Christmas cards in the mail. I'm glad people still do this. So many old traditions have gone by the wayside as our society get more tech-y, and it will be a sad time when this one does.
I have a super easy idea on what you can do with those cards now that Christmas has passed.
Bind them all together to make a Christmas card book!

Last year I showed you how to do this using either an old book as your cover
or creating a cover out of pattern paper and cardstock.
 I tried to make it even simpler this year by using a card as the cover of the card book.

Gather together all the cards you received this year.

Choose a large one that will become your cover.

Cut it in half.

Add the year somewhere on the front using stickers, stamps, or your own handwriting.
This is important - you may think you'll remember what year you got these, but several years down the road, the details will get fuzzy. Trust me.

Mark out two spots with a ruler about 1 1/2" from the top and from the bottom.

Punch holes on your marks. 
Use this card as a guide to punch holes in the rest of your cards.

Bind them with office rings.
You can get these at any office supply store and even in the office supply section at Walmart.

Ta-da! Wasn't that easy?
Now you can place this bundle in a basket and put it out every Christmas to look at the years gone by. I've done this for the last three years, and it is amazing to look back over these card photos and see how much everybody has changed.
P.S. This would be a great idea to do with your birthday cards, too.
You could bind one year by itself or several years together.
Please stop back by on Friday as I'm going to go back over this year and
look at my top 10 DIY projects.
Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.
Psalm 145:16

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Marie Blackburn said...

That's a great idea - much better than bundling them up with a rubber band and putting them in a box in the storage room. Thanks for the idea - so glad I saw it over at the Metamorphosis Monday party. Happy New Year!