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Special Guest Post by Alice from Yorkshire Linens

I am so excited to welcome Alice from Yorkshire Linens today. . .

Howdy people! I am Alice. I am a 20 something girl who loves to nurture her passion for home decor. I have always enjoyed doing it and will continue doing so til my last breath. Finding something that really defines you is a blessing! You can come say hi to me here.

10 Ways to Add Classy Appeal to Your Bedroom

Does your bedroom bore you, leaving you feeling that it is time for a change? If you are longing to infuse your bedroom with some timeless elegance then read on! Choose from one or two of the following hints and tips below and see how you can rework your bedroom to fill it with endless classy appeal!
Wooden Grace
Natural wood furniture always looks good no matter which room you use it in, and the bedroom is no exception! Choose a tasteful, matching furniture set (wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside cabinet), ensuring that the bed is either from the same line or very similar so that the whole bedroom will look complete and polished.
Go Retro
It is easy enough to recreate your dream decade as regards your décor, thanks to the modern fascination with previous years! Whether you love the tasselled sheen of the 20s, the knit psychedelia of the 70s or the smooth curves of the 50s, you will be able to source authentic patterns and fabrics – all with modern strengths to make your life that little bit easier!
Air of Luxury with curtains
Pamper yourself by fitting out a bedroom suitable for a princess! Voluminous swagged curtains, invitingly smooth satin bedding and a deep plush carpet. While you may have to spend a bit more than you would on standard furniture and accessories, you will quickly find that the extra investment pays off. Your bedroom will look more expensive than it really was and you will feel cosseted and safe in your fabulous and rich cocoon. I bought some really nice voluminous curtains from Yorkshire Linen and they are a beauty!
For those who do not want anything to fussy or frilly, but still want a great-looking and well-appointed bedroom, why not try a monochrome look? You may feel that it is a tame choice, being well tried and tested, but there is a reason that monochrome décor is so enduringly popular: it works!
Abstract Geometry
To add a splash of colour and vibrancy into an otherwise plain bedroom, opt for angular cleanly defined shapes and bright, clear colour blocks. These tasteful, yet cheerful, daubs of colour will brighten and enliven any room. I am a fan of Mini Gallery when it comes to geometry art.
Classic Vintage
If you love the idea of an old-fashioned, elegant and comfortable room, opt for the textured and intricately patterned wallpaper and smoothly carved furniture that makes up a glamorous, old-school bedroom.
Keep it Relaxing
Bear in mind that your bedroom is primarily for sleeping in! You need to be able to unwind completely and sleep pleasantly, so make sure the décor is not too overdone or obtrusive. Choose a harmonising colour scheme using a soothing palette to ensure that you feel safe, secure and able to relax completely.
Hint of the Orient
The Internet has brought the world to our doorstep with the most remote area being just a mouse-click away. Indulge your passion for all things exotic and foreign, and be sure that you are incorporating an authentic flavour of whichever country or culture you choose as your bedroom décor.
A minimalist bedroom is one of the easiest décor schemes – superficially at least! With so little distraction in the room you must be absolutely certain that every piece of furniture, each accessory and all the little details work smoothly together as any disruption from the décor flow can stand out glaringly! While minimalist décor is unforgiving of errors, you will be able to put together a comforting and striking looking bedroom as long as you adhere strictly to your chosen colours and do not allow any ‘wrong notes’ in the décor.
Canopy Bed
Formerly the province of medieval movies and small girls wanting ‘princess beds’, canopies over beds are making something of a comeback. These can be part of a full four-poster set-up or they can be tasteful drapes, affixed to the ceiling and affording extra protection and shelter to the sleeper. Study your bedroom before deciding how much fabric you will need as some rooms will lend themselves more easily to drapes than to a four-poster bed.
Mix and match from the ten options above and it will not be long before entering your bedroom draws a smile and a deeply contented sigh from you, rather than a frown and wistful longing for something better!

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