Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I worked on a couple of projects today. The first is my Daily December album (got the idea for from Ali Edwards' blog). I had the pages already done last month. Today I added the title on the cover and completed pages one and two. It's really a fun concept. You prepare the pages and book ahead of time, so it will be ready during the month. All you have to do is add 1 photo and journaling daily to each page. For more info, look here http://aliedwards.typepad.com/photos/december_daily/index.html

The second project I finished up is a mini album full of pictures and stories from when my older son was a toddler. I got the idea from Pinecone Press Tabletop Gifts idea book. Here's the cover and the interior. Very quick and simple.

There aren't actual pages- just little envelopes attached to an accordian fold.
Throughout the years, I've kept little notebooks around to jot down the funny things my kids say. You wouldn't believe how often I've turned to these quotes for my journaling! I just love reading through them.
Signing off for now. Here's a little thought before I go:
Do what makes you happy. . .
Be with those who make you smile. . .
Laugh as much as you breathe. . .
Love as long as you live.


mjr1066 said...

Welcome to the blogging world Laura!


cstoler said...

Welcome welcome and welcome. I am so excited to see you in the blog world. Now whenwe finish up bookclub we can stay in touch.
Check mine out sometime too.


Heidi M said...

I love these projects. They are beautiful! Can't wait to see the Junkie assignment.