Monday, April 21, 2014

Mini Album Monday #28- "Happy" Paint Chip Album

Not only do I love making mini albums, but I also love using unusual items to make them.
Things like. . .
paint chips!
Today I'm going to walk you through the steps to make a mini album out of paint chips.
You'll only need a few things to make this album- and only a little time!
6 paint chips (Mine measure 5"x 6". I chose red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.)
3 pieces of 12"x 12" pattern paper in black and white prints
1 piece of 12"x 12" pattern paper in colorful print
small letter stickers for the title
office ring or ribbon for binding the album
optional: colorful tickets to use as page tabs- you could also use small scraps of paper
I got all the papers and the letter stickers at Hobby Lobby.
I got my paint chips at Home Depot.

Start by adhering the paint chips to the back sides of the black and white papers.
I used double sided tape to do this- a glue stick would also work.
I made sure that I alternated patterns so that the same print wouldn't end up back to back in my album
Example: red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple

Then trim around the edges of the paint chips.
When you're done, each paint chip should be backed with black and white pattern paper.

Now we're going to use the leftover pattern paper to place strips on the paint chips.
Start with the orange page- wait to do the red one which will be the cover.
Trim the colorful paper into a three 1"x 12" strips
and the black and white papers into three 1/2"x 12" strips.
 Use small portions of the strips to add a little color to your paint chips.

I alternated with vertical strips and horizontal strips.

I placed them in different areas on each paint chip.

These strips can be adhered with glue stick, double sided tape, or any other adhesive.

Easy, so far, huh?

For the cover, you need to cut a strip of black and white pattern paper to 1 1/2"x 3 1/2".
Adhere it in the lower right corner.

Now trim another strip of black and white pattern paper to 1 1/4"x 3".
Adhere it so that it overlaps the first strip.

Using your letter stickers, place the word "Happy" on the colorful paper.
Trim around that word and adhere it across the strips of black and white strips.

Using letter stickers, adhere the rest of the title, "Things that make me".

Now you should have six cute paint chips.
Optional: adhere tickets or small scraps of paper as paper tabs on each paint chip.
Now place the pages in order.
The red paint chip is the cover.

Then the orange, and so on.
Isn't the black and white pattern paper cute with all this color?

To finish it off, you need to punch a hole in the upper left corner of all the paint chips.

Bind them with an office ring or ribbon.

I used an office ring and tied a piece of colorful ribbon to it.

Voila! Now you have a cute book where you can place photos of things that make you happy.
It sure will make me happy to add my photos and finish this book off! :)
Thanks for stopping by and God bless.
Delight yourself also in the Lord,
and He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

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Jeanette@CraftyInCrosby said...

You've done it again! Another fabulous mini album! Pinning this one too, for that day I finally stop long enough to create again!