Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Class I'm Taking- and Recommending!

 I am very excited to be signed up for a year long class from Stephanie Ackerman aimed to help me stay focused and be more productive with my scrapbooking. (I do believe you can still sign up for this class- and I highly recommend it!) I did get a late start preparing my binder for the course, but here it is. . . ready. . . finally!:)

I purchased an 8"x9" binder and covered it. Then I cut down file folders for my dividers for each month. For the filler papers, I cut to size several different types of papers:
                  sheet music
                  ledger paper
                  baseball play book
                  old school attendance book
                  French workbook
                  German road map
                  vintage dictionary pages
                                                                                                 handwriting paper

I'm really excited about the eclectic look with the variety of papers. Hopefully they won't be too distracting when stuff is added to them.

This is my January divider. I only took abut 10 minutes to put it together (as she recommended).
This is my first layout. We were supposed to use words to describe ourselves. I had a great time finding word stickers that would work!
I am so looking forward to this year long project. It has already started bringing me out of my creative slump! Thank you Stephanie!

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