Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart garland

 To create this heart garland, you'll need an old book that you can cut up, a stapler, scissors, ribbon, twine, and a paper trimmer. Cut at least 36 1 inch strips of book text. You'll also need little pieces about 1 inch by 1/4 inch (these will be the tabs that stick out of the hearts to which we'll attach the ribbon).


 Take 3 strips together and fold them in half.

 Take a small tab, fold it in half, then stick it open side down into the folded side of the paper strips. Staple together as shown.

Fold each piece down to form 3 hearts.

 Staple at the bottom, Cut off the excess paper at the bottom of the heart below the staple.

Attach ribbon to each heart then attach to twine. I tied a knot around each ribbon so my hearts would stay in place. 

Hang up and admire!

I also made one out of pages from a comic book. It's pretty cute, too!

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