Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Month by Month Scrapbooks

Two years ago, I started keeping a month by month scrapbook. I started out by creating an album with 12 layouts. Each layout had the month printed on it and contained a journaling box for which I used to write down what we did for the month. It was basically a list I compiled from our family calendar.

Some months are packed and I have lots of photos which I cropped to make fit or added an extra page to that month.

The first year, it was a smaller album made of a clipboard cut in half. Every other page was a large note card with a 6"x9" envelope for the alternating pages. This gave me room to keep extra mementos from the month (2 months shared an envelope). This was a nice size although all the photos had to be majorly cropped or printed out wallet size.

the cover

the title page

July's layout

The next year I used an album from a kit. This was a somewhat larger format and had room for more and larger photos.

cover August's layout

This type of scrapbooking is very "freeing" as I am able to cover our entire month's activies in 1 layout and our entire year's activities in only 12 layouts. At the end of the month, I just print the photos, grab a few embellishments, use my calendar for documentation.

This past year this was really the only scrapbooking I have done.

Stay posted for photos of this year's album- made from the cover of an encyclopedia!

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