Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Layout of the Week #36- Incorporating Masking Tape in Your Layout

     I believe that I've already mentioned how I like to create with things that were not intended for scrapbooking. Today is no different. We'll be looking in the toolbox for. . .  masking tape!

Here's the layout we'll be creating. Can you see the masking tape?
When I plan the theme for layout of the week, I intend for you to be able to use products that you already have rather than having to go out and buy them. I know everybody loves to buy new stuff, but it's so nice to use up current supplies. . .which then gives us reason to go out shopping:)

Here's what you'll need to create it:
one piece of 12"x12" cardstock
masking tape
letter stickers for the title
a couple of embellishments to match your theme
paper trimmer
8-9 photos

Start by placing your photos in a grid. You can leave about 3/4" from the top of the page. Leave about 4" at the bottom so we'll have room for a title and some journaling.
When you choose your photos, you'll want to choose some that can be trimmed to about 3"x 3". Mine are not exactly that size- I wanted to allow for an uneven tile look. Feel free to cut yours to exactly 3"x 3" if you prefer a cleaner, more linear look.
You may notice that my photo on the left bottom corner is actually about 5 " x 3 ". I couldn't crop it without losing too much of it, so I let one larger photo take the place of two smaller ones.

Now take a piece of masking tape and place it about 2/3 of the way across the page. My masking tape is 3/4" thick. I placed a second layer of tape on top of the first to make it stand out.

Next, you'll want to trim a piece of tape to 1/2". (I used my paper trimmer for this. I just stuck the tape right to it, cut it, then peeled it off.) Then place a second strip on top (if you did before) and cut a notch out of one end. Place this across the bottom of the photo in the top right corner. The tape should extend past the photo.
Add the title in the bottom right corner.
Place embellishments at the left edge of the top strip of masking tape and also in the upper right corner of the layout. I layered a file tab, another piece of masking tape, and a word sticker that says "competitive."

To finish it off, add your journaling at the bottom.
The masking tape looks pretty cool, huh?

Here is another example using blue painter's masking tape.
I actually used the exact same layout as the tutorial- I just chose different photos and colors. I wanted to show how easy it is to customize the layout.
     I hope these steps are easy to follow and inspire you to get out your scrapping supplies. If you follow this weekly post, you could complete one layout a week. I don't know about you, but that makes me all happy inside!
     Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

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