Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Cush For Your Tush

Earlier this week, I showed you my "new" couch made from old doors. As cute as the couch is, I couldn't expect anyone to sit on it without a cushion! Today I'm going to show you how my hubby and I made a seat for it.

First we measured the actual seat of the couch and cut a piece of plywood to fit.
Then we covered the plywood with spray adhesive.
We waited a few moments to allow the adhesive to get tacky (per the directions on the can).

Then we placed the 4" foam onto the board and let it sit for about thirty minutes so it would stick.
My foam was longer than the board, so I used a yardstick and marked where it needed to be cut.

I cut off the excess with an electric fish fillet knife.
It sliced through that foam like butter!
(an electric turkey carver would work, too)
Then, pulling the fabric tight, we stapled along the long edges of the board.

We saved the two short sides for last.
We folded tight hospital corners before stapling.

Ta-da! Once it was finished, we placed this fella onto the couch.
Isn't that fabric fabulous? I got it at Hancock Fabrics. I wanted a neutral color so I could add lots of colorful pillows.
Isn't my hubby the best? Not only did he make me an incredibly unique couch, but he didn't even balk at helping me to make the seat. He rocks.
Thanks for stopping by and God bless.
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised
Psalm 145:3

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Heidi said...

Love your door bench, and the cushion, too. We've made lots of benches from old bed headboards (and/or footboards), but never one from a door. I'll have to get to that project soon. Thanks for visiting my blog today!