Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Layout of the Week #81

Every other Wednesday, I feature a step-by-step tutorial on making a scrapbook layout.
Each time it's a different layout, and I intend for you to be able to use products you have on hand to complete the layout quickly and easily.
Usually I have a theme for my Layout of the Week, but this week it's just. . . a quick and easy layout.

Here's the layout we'll be making this week.
Notice that it's full, but is actually very simple.
It features six photos, two strips of pattern paper, a journaling card, and a few embellishments.
Looks do-able, huh?

To create it, you'll need:
one piece of 12"x 12" pattern paper
two strips of pattern paper measuring 1/2"x 12" and 1"x 12"
letter stickers for the title
journaling card (an index card will do)
embellishments to match your theme (I used stickers)
5-6 photos
paper trimmer

First, we'll need the two strips of pattern paper. Adhere the 1/2" strip to the top edge of the background paper and the 1" strip to the bottom edge.

Now start placing your photos like this.
The top photo is six inches wide. I made sure the photos that I placed beneath it were cropped to be only six inches wide also.
You may use fewer photos- for example, I have two in the lower right corner. That could be easily replaced with one vertical photo.

Add a larger photo to the bottom left side.
If you like, you can add a small one at the top right as well.

Now you'll want to place your embellishments.
I placed two at the top of the page along the photos.
I placed one on the bottom left photo and one overlapping the two photos on the bottom right.

Place your title in the upper left corner.

To finish it off, you need to add your journaling card just above the bottom left photo.
Now, wasn't that easy?

Let me know what you think.
If you liked this, come back every other Wednesday to complete another layout.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Blessed are those who keep my ways.
Prov. 8:32

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