Monday, June 1, 2015

DIY: Chalkboard Trunk Round

I just love chalkboards- especially when they're made from something one wouldn't expect.
Today I have a fun chalkboard DIY to share.

It's a trunk round.
Cute, huh?

I started with a trunk round
a foam brush
and chalkboard paint.

I painted two coats of chalkboard paint on the wood.
I used the outer ring as a guide and painted along the inside of the edge.

I gave it 24 hours to dry, then I conditioned it (cover the entire painted surface with chalk,
 then wiped it off.)

Ta-da! A darling chalkboard.

Now, what to do with it. . . ?

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

The Lord is my helper; 
I will not fear. 
What can man do to me?
Hebrews 13: 6

1 comment:

Kathleen Berlew said...

Such a great idea! This would look great on my front porch.