Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thrifty Thursday #170

Today's treasures come from two different places: the first, from an antique store.
The rest came from a yard sale that had cheap prices on everything.

I enjoy going to antique stores, but I usually don't buy anything when I go
because I feel the prices are often on the high side.
I really prefer the thrill of the hunt--- at yard sales, estate sales, and resale shops.

Can anybody guess what this is?
It's a basket from the bottom of a hole on a golf course.
I paid $5 for it. 
I think it's so unique and I love the chippy paint.

Right now, it's sitting next to our tv holding old wooden spools.

I got this potato masher for $1.
Anytime you can get vintage kitchen utensils at a good price, you should pick them up.
This would've been at least $4 at an antique store. 

These spools were ten cents each.
They're about 6" tall.
I never pass up inexpensive spools!!!
What a bargain!

I sure love vintage reading books.
This guy was only a dime.

Check out the interior pages!

I got these two vintage books for ten cents each.
They're so cute just sitting on a shelf or for projects like this.

I've got plans to go to two different estate sales this weekend.
Hopefully I'll stumble across something good!
Good luck to all of you and your treasure hunting!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
James 4:8

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