Monday, February 1, 2016

Vintage Valentine Banner DIY

Banners are so easy to make.
Here's one I made for Valentine's Day using vintage Valentines,
book pages, old playing cards, and dollar store doilies.

The secret to making a garland is making it nice and full.
You can do it in steps. 
Watch how easy it is. . .

The first thing you need is a word.
I made my letter panels out of old book pages and large letter stickers.
I trimmed my pages into rectangles, then stacked them and cut a notch out of the bottoms.
Then I added the letters.
I folded the top over a piece of lace and stapled each piece on.

Then I used doilies in between the book page pieces.
I alternated round white doilies with red heart shaped doilies.
I used small clothespins to attach these to the lace.

Next, I added some playing cards overlapping the doilies.
(I used all hearts since this is for Valentine's Day.)
The cards had a pretty red and white vintage pattern on the backsides,
so I alternated using both sides of the cards.

Sometime ago, I picked up some vintage Valentines at an estate sale.
I placed these on the red heart doilies.
I attached them to the clothespins that were already holding the doilies.

Finally I added a string of red pom pom trim.
I think it gave it a nice finishing touch.

You can follow these steps to make any kind of garland.
Just replace the Valentines with photos for a birthday garland
or Christmas cards for a holiday banner
or even vintage postcards for a summer bunting.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

If you love Me, keep My commandments.
John 14:15

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Jeannie Marie said...

What an adorable banner! Thanks for posting it! You've given me so ideas!