Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #3

     Here is my "Deal of the Day" from my thrift store shopping: a drum set for thirty bucks!! I got all these pieces plus a container of loose parts for this set. I am so excited!
     Sam, my 12 year old, has been taking drum lessons and using a drum pad (which is about the size of a dinner plate). He's been going once a week for nearly 6 months now. When we had signed him up for lessons, his instructor had mentioned that about 6 months into lessons, he would need a drum set. I've been pricing drum sets- even used, they're pricey.
     I figure that even if we have to buy some various parts to make this set complete (like a snare drum, which my 10 year old pointed out that it doesn't have), we still won't put into it what a good used set would cost. It's a good starter set for my beginner drummer!
     Have I mentioned how much I LOVE thrift stores?!?

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