Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Gift Ideas for Teachers

    My boys are taking these to their teachers for Valentine's day. I followed the pattern from here to make this hanging treat box (the directions are very clear and easy to follow).  I decorated them with some vintage Valentine's paper, tickets, and red embellishments. Then we chose their teachers' favorite soda, and put some light candy bars in the paper holders. Quick and easy- my 2 requirements for gift making!

Here's another gift giving idea: chocolate covered gummy bears!

All you need is a bag or 2 of gummies, a brick of chocolate almond bark, some skewers, and wax paper.
Melt a small portion of the almond bark in the microwave. I usually start with a minute, then go for another 30 seconds after mixing. Then, you need to put a gummy on a skewer and dip it. Let harden on wax paper.

Once they're hardened, you can remove the skewers and package them however you wish. The gummy bears somewhat resemble bears, but I thought the hearts turned out cute. And they taste. . . fantastic!!! We actually went through the first batch. I plan to make more tomorrow to give out for Valentine's Day.

Hope you all have a very Happy Valentine's Day!

I linked these projects to:
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I went with simple packaging for gift giving- just a snack size Ziplock baggie with a paper doily folded in half and stapled over the top of the baggie. Then I used some Baker's twine to attach a tag. Easy- peasey!

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