Monday, March 19, 2012

Buffet Makeover

     Sometimes my brother, who buys houses and rehabs them, brings me a surprise that's old and needs some love- like this piece of furniture (photo below) or these doors (which I will be posting about what I've done with them within the week). I love this kind of present!! Truly, I do:)

As you can see, this little fella needed some help. Below the yuckiness, he's really quite pretty- especially the decorative trim on the drawers!

After I washed him up, my hubbie spray painted him with a couple of coats of white. Then I glazed him. This was my first experience with glazing, but it went quite well. I was really pleased with the result. Unfortunately, we don't have any room left in our house for another piece of furniture, so I had to find this guy a new home.
     Thanks for stopping by!

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DogsMom said...

You have some special men in your life.

Those are great presents and special favors!

Miss Charming said...

Such a beautiful piece of furniture! You did a great job of freshening it up with paint. (So pretty!)

Anne said...

This piece is so pretty! You're lucky to have such a cool brother ;-) Nice work! (Visiting from MMS)