Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Layout of the Week #4- Using Paint Chips

     This week we'll be scrapbooking using paint chips! That's right- those colorful little cards you get at your local hardware store! Nearly every time I go to one, I leave with a few samples in hand. Here are a couple of examples incorporating them onto a layout.

To start, you'll need to gather your supplies.
1 long paint chip
2 coordinating pieces of pattern paper (they should match the paint chip)
1 piece of card stock for the mat
2-3 medium sized letter stickers
2 pages out of an old book (my text is from a book printed in an Asian language since we ate at an Asian restaurant)
photo (mine is 5"x7")
handful of flowers and buttons
optional: 2 different ribbons

First, you'll decide which piece of pattern paper you want for the background. Then cut a  3/4" piece of the coordinating pattern paper and adhere it about an inch from the left side. Then adhere your paint chip. (I cut the right edge off of mine to get rid of the little ring hole that was on the corner.)

Now, trim your 2 pieces of text. Rather than butting them up to each other, I overlapped them a bit and placed one a little higher than the other. Then I matted my photo with the card stock and adhered it to the text mat.

Add your title. I placed part of it above the photo and part of it below.

Now you can add your journaling. I typed and printed mine out. Then you just need to add some flowers and buttons. I placed some at the top left of the photo and one at the bottom right of the photo. If you want to keep your layout simple, this is as far as you want to go.

But if you don't, you could add a little bit more. Like 3 buttons at the bottom of your journaling. Or perhaps you could add some printed trim or another strip of pattern paper to the left side of the paper. I also stapled lace to the far left side of the page. I trimmed 1 inch off the side of my paper so it would still fit into a page protector.

Here is another example of a layout using a different type of paint chip. I took 4 and overlapped them on the background.
This is my favorite size of paint chip- they are the perfect size to use in mini albums, too!

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Melody said...

I so enjoy traditional scrapbooking!! I know digital is the new way but I much prefer the tactile experience.

I love your use of paint chips too.

I am thinking of investing in some type of binding system to make scrapbooks as gifts. What do you use or think is the best system?

Thanks for the inspiration. I love seeing your new ideas.;)