Friday, March 16, 2012

Memory Keeping Without Really Scrapbooking

     Today I'm going to show you this simple project I started the year before last. It's a simple way to keep your memories in one place with little fuss. I'm talking about things like birthday cards, kids' awards from school, special notes, pictures your kids have drawn, and other stuff like that  that you want to keep, but you don't really know what to do with it.
     Just get a big ring- I used 2" and 3" rings that I purchased at Office Depot. Then you just punch a hole in whatever you're keeping and place it on the ring. Some items you'll want to jot a little note on the back- the year that you got the b-day card or why your child received the award. Because the ring is so big, you'll be able to store several years on one ring.
     I made a cover for everybody in my family using a 5"x8" index card divider. Another option is to do a digital version of this and print it out.

Here is one of the "Memory Rings."

I've added things like this award he got in school and the wish list he made for his birthday.

This is such a great way to keep birthday cards.

Here are the other three I made for the rest of us. So easy- especially to keep up with!
It's Spring Break here so we headed down to Galveston yesterday. We've never rented one of these before, but thanks to Groupon, we got to try it! It was lots of fun. The boys did not help pedal much at all:)
Then we spent the afternoon in the waves. Good times!

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Cottage and Broome said...

Looks like you had fun in Galveston! A nice getaway, thanks for stopping by, Laura