Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #10

     I made my thrift store rounds this week and made a few purchases- I spent less than $4 which left me enough money to get a Sonic drink!

The best purchase of the day was these brand new- with the Hobby Lobby price tag still on them- skeins of yarn for .50 each. 

I fell in love with this old platter. It was only $1 because there's a tiny chip on the edge. I think it will look beautiful hanging on the soffit in my kitchen

I picked up 2 more tiny China plates for .50 each. I never pass them up at that price.
     I truly love treasure hunting at thrift stores. Thank you for coming by to see what I dug up!
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Julia said...

I think the "best" deal I got this week was fourteen door knobs, to use for my jewelry display, pre-printed with the letters in the business name. "A Beautiful Whim". I'll have to stain them and/or paint them, but they're literally PERFECT... and they were only $1 each, and on sale for 30% off that.

For all of them, I spent under $10. AMAZING!

Love your posts <3

*~* Julia *~* *~*