Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Layout of the Week #3- Scrabooking with File Folders

This week for our layout, we will be scrapbooking with file folders. 
Have I mentioned how much I love office supplies? I do. It's a good thing I don't work at Staples or another office supply store because my husband may be forced to take extreme measures!
First, you'll want to gather your supplies:
a file folder
a 12"x12" piece of pattern paper - I got mine at Hobby Lobby
2 paper ruler strips- I cut mine off of this piece of pattern paper from Hobby Lobby
2 different color sets of medium size letter stickers
3 paper clips- I used colored ones
a piece of paper from a legal pad (you know-the yellow ones that are bound at the top?)
some sort of small sticker strips with quotes on them- my favorites are this line by 7 Gypsies- they are so versatile and I use them a lot!
pen or letter stamps for journaling

Now, you'll want to cut your file folder in half. Mine was nearly as wide as my pattern paper, so I trimmed about 3/4" off the side so I could see more of the background paper.

This is the edge I trimmed, so I rounded the corner. Then I inked around the edges of the folder and pattern paper. I chose to have the tab of the folder on the bottom right corner of the layout.

Next, you'll want to place your paper clips before you adhere the folder. I put two at the upper right corner and one at the lower left corner. Adhere the folder.Then tear the bottom edge of the yellow legal paper and ink around the edges. It then gets adhered to the center of the file folder.

Now you'll place the 2 ruler strips down the center of the yellow paper. This divides your paper into 2 columns. I lined the tops of the ruler strips up with the top of the file folder then I tore the bottoms off at the bottom edge of the yellow paper. 

The title goes on the bottom right tab of the file folder.  Mine is a two word title so I used 2 different colored letter stickers. I chose 3 quotes from the 7 Gypsies sticker sheet that applied to my topic and stuck them to the bottom left corner of the layout. Finally, I handstamped the journaling. Handwriting would work as well.
This layout would work for 2 things you want to compare or a before and after layout.

I always like to give a second example. Please excuse the yellow cast to this photo- don't know what happened there. For this layout, I simply cut off 6 inches of a file folder and built a layout on it. Oftentimes for light or silly subjects like this, I will use an odd shaped page like a 6"x12".

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please come back next Wednesday for the Layout of the Week!

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