Monday, March 5, 2012

Memory Jar

     I got this darling Memory Jar/Time Capsule idea from this blog.
     You take a jar (got mine at Hobby Lobby), put a photo of your family in/on it (my photo looks better up close-from this angle it seems you can't see the entire photo, but you can) and throughout the year, you just add mementos to it- whether it's ticket stubs, love notes, or other tidbits.
     Last year, we didn't fill our jar as full as I would have liked. Some things we did put in it were movie tickets, an armband, and a petal from a flower that was on my Grandpa's casket.
     This year, I have big plans for our jar- it's going to be full of memories!


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Adrianne said...

What a sweet idea! Thanks for dropping by Happy Hour Projects and commenting on my book page bracelet. If you make one and post about it, I'd love to read it! :)

Following you now ~ Adrianne