Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thrifty Thursday #127

In this day and age, things seem to be so expensive.
It's unbelievable how much it costs to go see a movie.
Taking a family of four out to eat is no joke, and
I hate to tell you what my groceries cost every week. :)
But there's one place I can go with just a handful of coins or a couple of dollars
 and come out with some good stuff- the thrift store.
All of today's finds cost me a total of $2.35.

Isn't this a beautiful pattern?
I got this plate for a dollar.
It's for a friend. 
I've made several pillows lately and I always love adding trim to the edges- especially pom pom trim.
I got this bag of white and yellow pom pom trim for fifty cents.
This cork board with a nice frame was only fifty cents.
I'll probably hang it in my son's room.
The thrift store was having a sale on books.
I got these two hardbacks for ten cents!

It's hard to tell what this is, so I'll tell you.
Its a wooden base about 2 or 3 inches tall.
At this time, I can't think of anything that needs a base, but I'm sure that I'll come up with something.
I couldn't pass it by for a quarter!
None of these things are cool enough to knock your socks off, but still bought brand new, they would have cost way more.
If you've never shopped at a thrift store, give it a try. You may find something awesome.
Thanks for stopping by and God bless.
Let the peoples praise You, O God; let all the peoples praise You.
Psalm 67:3
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Michele Reynolds said...

Love your plate!!! Great find:)