Monday, July 28, 2014

Chalkboard Banner DIY

I sure do love a cute banner.
I think they're one of the easiest things to make.
I've made several different ones out of sheet music, paint chips, and shipping tags,
and today I'm showing a chalkboard one.
Here it is.

I started with two pieces of chalkboard paper
 (I got this in the specialty paper section at Hobby Lobby).

Then I used a large index card and made a fold on one of the short sides right in the middle.
This gave me a guide to make my triangle.
I just lined up a ruler with that spot and each of the opposite corners.
Then I cut along those lines.
This created a nice triangle to use for my template.

I was able to get four triangles off of each 12"x12" piece of chalkboard paper.

Once I cut them all out, I got a long piece of lace and used my sewing machine to sew the triangles onto the lace.
I love the look of the lace with the black pennants.

If you don't want to sew, you could hot glue or staple the paper to the lace.
This is a very versatile banner as it can be personalized for any get together!
Thanks for stopping by and God bless.
God is my strength and power, and He makes my way perfect.
2 Samuel 22:33

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Leslie Stewart said...

So cute! I'd like to invite you to share it at my Twirl & Take a Bow Linky Party.
We love having great crafts and projects. Hope you can join in the fun!
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