Monday, May 20, 2013

Mini Album Monday #2- School Days Mini Album

     Today for Mini Album Monday, I'm here with a school themed album.
     You may be able to use a few of these ideas to make an album for your child's teacher as an end of the year gift.
Here's the cover which I made with chipboard and painted with chalkboard paint. For a unique touch, I bound it with a protractor.
For the title, I used a regular shipping tag and a stamp with lines and brackets. Then I hand stamped the words on it.
For the white pattern paper, I used a notebook paper punch along the edge.
This album is 6"x 6".
On the inside cover, I used a label maker to write out my name and K-8th grade.
The first page is a large index card folded in half. I tore about two inches off the front folded side, then stamped it with a school themed stamp. I placed a paper clip at the bottom corner.
Throughout the album, you'll see regular office supplies that I added to give it a more school- like feel.

Here's the index card opened. I added a photo to the right side and journaling on the lines to the left. Above the photo, I used a tab punched form an old book and added two star stickers. (Remember those star stickers from when we were in school?)

The page to the left is the back of the index card with just another photo and some journaling.
The page on the right is a page out of an old children's song book.

Here's the back of the song page. I used regular office labels to add some journaling.
The page on the right is a piece of Kraft cardstock. I used some of my boys' old workbooks and a circle punch to make these four circles. This is such an easy and authentic way to add embellishments to a school page or album.

Here is the back of the craft cardstock. If you notice, I just added bits and pieces of pattern paper to some of the pages. The page on the left has graph paper at the bottom with a thin strip of alphabet paper above it.
The page on the right is a white paper sack. I placed pattern paper that looks like a locker on the flap, then I trimmed the flap so it was only attached at the bottom of the sack to make it look like the locker door opens.

Here is the flap opened- I put graph paper on the back and journaled on it.

Here's the back of the paper bag. The #6 is from a set I bought at the Target clearance section- it was intended to number tables at a wedding. I thought the number went well with the school theme. I added a couple of school themed word stickers to it and folded some decorative tape over as a tab at the top right corner.

The page on the right is actually the top of the paper bag. I used a silk flower, Staz On ink, and a ruler stamp and made my own patterned flower.
Since this is the opening of the bag, I placed a library card in it with a tab stapled to the top. 

The bottom edge of the protractor is right here since this is the center of the book.
I covered the back of the paper sack with a piece of map.
On the right page, I just used a piece of red pattern paper with numbers stamped at the bottom and a strip from a book page above the numbers.
At the top, I placed a regular office binder clip.
The star is cut out of an old dictionary.
I added the flashcard just because I thought it was cute and school-y.

Here's the first full piece of school themed paper in the book.
On the far right edge, I used a journaling sticker and folded it in half over the edge.

The back of the scool paper was blank, so I added a strip of paper that looks like notebook paper and journaled to the left of that.
The right page is a 6"x 9" envelope trimmed down with an alphabet stamp along the side.
It's a pocket, so I added a journaling card inside.

Here's the back of the envelope with another strip of pattern paper and one photo.
The very last thing I added was a strip out of an old child's dictionary. I trimmed it down to just have one word on it.

The inside back cover: a few more strips of school themed pattern paper. I also handstamped the years that I was in these grades: 1981-1989 (explains the hair in the photos, huh!?!).
This album has a lot of basic items that would work in a school themed album or layout:
graph paper
paper clips
manilla envelopes
binder clips
large note card
shipping tag
label maker
star stickers
book pages
Don't overlook everyday items when you plan out a mini album or layout. They can add a very cute element and cost nothing if you have them laying around.
I put this album together before knowing who I would feature. Since I already had school scrapbooks for my boys, I used it for my school photos. I added some memories that I have from my school days. I know that it's hard to scrap about yourself, but think what a treasure something like this will be to have someday. I'm sure I won't always be able to remember all my teachers from Kindergarden to sixth grade!
If you decide that you'd like to make a school album, but would like an easier version, you could follow the steps to this envelope album using school themed papers and embellishments.
Thanks so much for stopping by and God bless.
The righteous shall be glad in the Lord, and trust in Him.
And all the upright in heart shall glory.
Psalm 64:10


Jeanette said...

That is adorable! I'm pinning this one - maybe it will get me back into scrapbooking!

Amanda Kristeen said...

How fun & darling! And so nice to have in just one spot! I should do something like this too.

PS Thank you for that sweet comment you left on my blog! Yeah, it's just crazy how often the doctor tells women to lie on their backs when even the president of obstetrics states that it is the absolute worse position! Hopefully we'll raise awareness!

Happy Tuesday!