Friday, January 15, 2016

6 Ways to Document Your Year

I frequently mention how important it is to make memories.
An important part of making memories is taking pictures.
Instead of letting those pictures sit on your computer, print them off.

Here are six ways that you can keep memories from this year.
Follow the links to see tutorials on how to make them.

1. month by month scrapbook
You can put together a scrapbook or buy a pre-made one. You just need one layout per month.
Add photos and other tokens from the month.

At the beginning of every year, I put together a simple album that I use throughout the year.
At the end of the month, I list the things we did that month and try to add a picture for each event.
It actually makes me take more photos.
This picture shows all of them that I've done.
I love going back through the old ones.
It's surprising how much I forget until I'm reminded by these pictures:)

This is a super simple idea. Get a cute jar and add mementos throughout the year.

I do this every year. You'd think it would overlap with the album, but it doesn't.
I add things like business cards from places we've gone, small souvenirs from trips (like smashed pennies), used gift cards, movie stubs-that sort of thing.
This is the same idea as the jar, you'd just use a shadowbox instead.
4. index cards and office rings
Buy a set of the index card organizers, and add holes and office rings.
Then just add pictures and mementos throughout the year.

Use a large office ring and keep your birthday cards and other important keepsakes.
A simple cover will do. This one shows a large index card divider as a cover.

I have one of these for each member of my family.
This is mostly to keep up with cards and certificates from the year.
I made a cute cover for each of ours.

6. photo albums
A plain and simple photo album is so easy to keep up with.
Just print off your photos each month and slip them into the pages.

I keep one of these for each year. I can't fit all my photos into my month by month scrapbook,
so I have a photo album for all the good pictures I take.

See how easy it can be to document your life?
Give one of these ideas a try.
I promise you'll be creating a treasure.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Make a joyful shout to God, all the earth!
Psalm 66:1

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Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm SO guilty of letting my pictures be held captive in my computer. Thanks for sharing all your ideas at Talk of the Town. Love the photos in the jars.