Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lovelies That I Love

Father's Day is just a few days away.
Check out some of these manly finds I came across. . .

This t-shirt is great.
You choose the number based on how many kids you have.
Cute, huh?

How funny is this mug?
It would be perfect for my boys to give to my hubby.

Check out this cool money clip.

I know a tie is a pretty cliché gift, but this one looks like a library card.
There's nothing cliché about that!

I think this leather camera strap is so nice.
It can be personalized with latitude and longitude coordinates.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

I'm not affiliated with any of these companies; I just like their stuff.

Holy and awesome is His name.
Psalm 111:9

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