Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Layout of the Week #8- Scrapbooking with Plastic Card Holders

     Hello Friends! Just yesterday I happened to find a pack of baseball card holders at my friendly local thrift store, so I decided to make them the feature of this week's layout of the week. I have used them in the past in mini albums and cut them down to make a page of pocket-they are fantastic for keeping bits of mementos.
Today we'll look at how to put them on  12"x12" layout.

You'll want to gather your supplies:
1 piece of 12"x12" card stock
2 pieces of pattern paper
some embellishments (I just grabbed this sports themed paper so I could cut embellishments from it)
letter stickers for your title
plastic card holder

To begin, you'll want to cut off the edge with the binder holes. Be careful to cut on the outside of the seam for the pockets otherwise your stuff won't stay in them.

Choose one of the pattern papers and trim it to the size of the plastic card holder.

Then you'll take your second pattern paper and trim about 1/4"-1/2" off one side and the bottom so it will lay centered on the card stock with a slight border. Adhere it. Then adhere the other pattern paper (which will be the backing for the card holder) in the center. Mine is slightly closer to the top than the bottom. Now you can lay the card holder on top. I didn't adhere mine until after I decided where I wanted all the photos so I would know where to place the adhesive so it wouldn't be seen.
As you can see, we're going to use the card holder sideways.

You'll have to trim your photos. You can see that one of mine stretches into two pockets. Since the smaller part of that photo didn't go all the way to the edge, I just stuck an embellishment in the empty space (see "Score" tag).
I wanted to include our tickets on the page, but they didn't fit in a pocket either. So I just tucked them into a pocket and let them overlap the pocket next to them.

Now you can add the title centered across the bottom edge of the card holder and add a few embellishments. I glued all my embellishments to the outside of the card holder. No need to try to make them fit inside the pockets.
Ta-da! A layout made with a baseball card holder!
If you're a digital scrapper, you could use this same idea by using a grid to place your photos. Then if you wanted to add a pocket for tickets or some other memento, just leave a space for it. After you print the layout, you just adhere the pocket to it just like on a traditional page. 

Here's another example using a card holder: I scrapped my husband's birthday. I made a copy of the cards our kids drew for him and enclosed them in some pockets, stuck his Lowe's gift card in one pocket, and filled the rest with photos. My title "W is for Wish" is actually a sticker that I placed on the outside of the plastic card holder.

An alternative to using a card holder is using a slide holder. The pockets are smaller, but the concept is the same. I trimmed this one and placed it in the upper left corner. Because it was a Valentine's layout, I had lots of stuff to put in the pockets. I trimmed down a couple of Valentines that the boys had brought home, trimmed the message off an envelope that my husband had written for me, and trimmed a gift card to fit.
     I think you'll find this idea a lot of fun. It's a good way to fit a lot of stuff on one page. Good luck and happy scrapping!
     Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

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