Monday, April 23, 2012

Tiny Tile Photo Holder

     Here's an easy idea if you need a whole lot of gifts, but don't have much time or money to spend. I've made these twice for such occasions- Mother's Day gifts for the ladies of our church (they were gifts from the church, not from me:) and also Christmas gifts for my co-workers. I plan to make another batch before school is out for my son's teachers. He is in fifth grade, so this is the last year he'll be at this school. This way he can give all his teachers, including Art, Music, and P.E., a little something without us having to break the bank!
     All you need is a sheet of the mini tiles from a home improvement store like Lowe's. My tiles were 1 3/4" x 1 3/4". They come on a sheet of 20 or more for $5 or less. You'll also need clothes pins (think the dollar store), a glue gun, some stamps (check out the Target $1 section), and some Staz On ink (Hobby Lobby- use a coupon!).
     Now you just use your Staz On ink- this particular type of ink will not smear as opposed to other inks- to stamp an image on each tile. Once the ink is dry, you just glue a clothespin to the back of the tile with the clamping end upwards. Leave a little space between the bottom of the clothespin and the bottom of the tile so it will be able to stay propped up. (On my first attempt, I glued the clothespin even with the bottom of the tile, and it wouldn't stand up by itself.)
     If you like, you can tie a piece of ribbon to one leg of the clothespin (if you tie it around the whole clamp, the clothespin can't open).
     Voila! Place a photo in the clothespin and you have a cute little photo holder.

     Thanks for stopping by and God bless.
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Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute idea! I didn't get it at first, thinking your designs on the tiles were the photos. But the clothes pins on the back. Brilliant! So fun. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

Jo-Ann said...

Very cute idea to do with the tiles. I always like gift idea Thanks for sharing. Jo-Ann

Aimee - said...

Totally Perfect!!! I'd love to have you share at my JUST opened!!!

XO, Aimee

Vicki said...

I had my class make these for their mom's for Mother's Day. They were simple to make and they turned out so cute!

Cindy said...

I tried sec places to glue the tiles to the clothes pin. But, no matter what they wouldn't stand up. Any suggestions?

Cindy said...

I tried several places to glue the tiles to the clothes pin. But,no matter what they wouldn't stand up. Any suggestions?