Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #92

Today I've got both yard sale scores and thrift store treasures to share.
I stopped at a yard sale last weekend at the sweetest little old lady's house. I got something uberly manly and something delicately feminine.
The first item is this beautiful teacup and saucer set.
I'm used to thrift store prices, so when the lady told me she wanted $2, I thought it was too much and almost declined. Then I took another look at this set. It's so pretty and delicate, I just had to get it.

The only other thing I found that I wanted was this wheelbarrow.
I got it for $2 for my hubby.
It does need a new tire, but I figured it that cost too much, he could plant something in it.
He was pleased with his inexpensive surprise.
Then I made a quick trip to my favorite two thrift stores.
I got this letter Z for my collection. It was only fifty cents.
I cannot wait to have the whole alphabet.
I know just where I'm going to hang it in my living room!

I got two sets of this pretty beaded garland- one for fifty cents the other for $1.25.
I can use these in almost any holiday decorating.
I think I'll take them to church when I help decorate for the annual Christmas banquet. 
Look at this- it was a hand mirror.
Soon it will be a picture frame.
It was only fifty cents. Won't it look so cute with a vintage photo in it?

You know me and old patterns- if they're old and cheap, I'm going to buy them.
 Got this one for ten cents. It's from 1968.

I have a Christmas project in mind that requires old book covers. I've been on the lookout for books that have titles that will work- I got these three for a quarter each.

The last thing I picked up was this hardcover book. I love the clockwork on the cover. This will become the cover of an old scrapbook soon.
That's all folks! I wish you luck with your secondhand shopping endeavors!
Thanks for stopping by and God bless.
Happy is the man who is always reverent,
but he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity.
Proverbs 28:14


Jessica Brazell said...

I love thrift shopping! It's been so long since I've been able to splurge that way, though :( Thanks for sharing your new treats! I'm excited to see what you'll be making out of those old book covers!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

I love the mirror or mirrorless! : ) it is going to make an amazing frame! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you tomorrow! hugs...